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Our Footprints Company launched a new store in Kamloops, BC that offers eco-friendly, un-packaged, sustainable and zero waste products. We are constantly growing our inventory and we would love to hear from our community about the products that you want to see.


Our store is currently online and we offer pickup and delivery locally in Kamloops. Don't live in Kamloops? DOn't worry, we ship across Canada. We are currently negotiating a permanent commercial space in Kamloops so we can better service our local customers.

Our main service offering is the refillery. Which is a way to sell zero waste products in bulk, without all the disposable packaging that we are used to. We currently deliver products like shampoo, conditioner, lotion, hand sanitizer and cleaners that are 'refilled' into clean, re-purposed containers such as jars and bottles. Each container we re-purpose is saved from the landfill and every time we re-use it, we save additional containers from the landfill that would otherwise have been required.

Beyond the refillery, we have sourced household and personal products to the market that save us from the typical world of disposable consumerism (aka packaged for your convenience). Our products are environmentally sustainable and are designed to suit your conscious living lifestyle. No matter where you are at on your "zero-waste" journey, we have products and ideas that will help you to reduce your environmental footprint!

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We are a young family based in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Our goal is to create a positive change for the next generation by exploring and promoting eco friendly, unpackaged and sustainable products.

Starting this business is about offering consumers a choice that will allow them to purchase daily household supplies and personal products that don't leave a mark on this planet. We are striving to combat the single-use plastic epidemic by offering simple, yet cost effective, alternatives.

We hope that our journey will leave footprints that future generations can follow.

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414 Azure Pl, Kamloops, BC, Canada V2E 2R2

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